Why I’m Loving My Effortless Style Kit

Before I had children, I prided myself on my clothes, shoes, purses and accessories. I would have a friend date maybe once or twice a month and we would eat sushi and go shopping and I loved every minute of it. Times have definitely changed now that I stay home with my two little ones, and when I do go shopping it is usually online, or I grab the closest t-shirt that I can find in my closet and just call it a day. I can honestly say that I have not been on a “shopping trip” in over 3 years. Let me amend that, as I did have 1.5 shopping trips to get maternity clothes (the second one was just to pick up some warmer weather clothes as I was pregnant in somewhat different seasons this last time). Anyway, out went my slacks and blazers and skirts and heels, in went maternity pants and leggings and comfy t-shirts. (Let me pause really fast here and just explain that I absolutely love my children and would not do anything in the world to change where I am right now, this is merely a reflection, not a pity party, I promise!) I cannot explain how many times I have stared at my closet and nostalgically remembered when I would get dressed and actually feel pretty good. One of my mom friends and I were just talking about this, she was explaining how she had bought some new fancier clothes as she wanted to take her wardrobe up a notch from our usual t-shirt and jeans. Later that night I was thinking, I want to do that too! Mind you, I have a baby and a toddler, so I can’t walk around in amazing dresses and heels all day, but I’d still like to mix up my wardrobe and get in style!

Which is why I was so beyond excited with Lisa McLatchie, an amazing and very sweet personal stylist, reached out to me and graciously provided me with a membership to her Effortless Style Kit Program. Lisa is a certified Image Consultant, and was personally trained in NYC by Stacy London, from TLC’s “What Not To Wear”. She has had her business since 2008 and has helped thousands of women in person and online to sort out their wardrobe so that getting dressed is easy and fun instead of frustrating or monotonous. She is also extremely relatable, she herself is a mom,  stepmom, wife, daughter, friend, entrepreneuer. All of which I really liked because I would have been tad worried following someone’s shopping advice if they weren’t aware how many times a baby spits up or toddler gets into a sticky mess! She has inspired me to take the small amount of time to dress up a little and feel excited about what I’m wearing. I’ll admit, there are probably some days where I’ll still go to my usual outfit stand-by, but I am also super excited to follow her Style Kit advice for this Fall season and dress up too!

Let me start off by explaining that this program offers a Style Kit four times a year for each new style season, which I personally think is awesome as I cannot wait to move on to the next season by the time it rolls around. Get out of here shorts and sandals! Bring on the skinny jeans and booties! Ok, so back to my review. So I will admit, at first I was a little worried about how much money I would have to spend in order to get “in style” for Fall. I went to her website and got started, and let me tell you that she is amazing! First, she wants you to feel comfortable in every day wear. You’re not going to be walking around with your kiddos in humongous heels and a dress with a clutch that you wonder why on earth you bought because diapers and wipes and bottles don’t fit inside it. Instead, she wants YOU to feel comfortable, which is why she provides a list of different tops, layers, bottoms, dresses, footwear, jewellery and accessories. She has pictures showing you an idea of what you should be shopping for (I don’t want to give too much away and I really want you to check this out for yourself; it’s seriously so fun!) And one of my favorite parts of this program is that she still encourages you to look inside your closet for items that you might have! I love her Fall’s Effortless Style Kit 2016, there are sooo many cute style options and combinations that she has created with just a handful of tops and bottoms, it’s truly amazing and inspiring! I love that she doesn’t want you to dump your entire closet, but instead encourages you to take a good hard look at your current wardrobe before picking up a few fun and new items. She also has set up a Facebook group where women can check in and connect and talk to each other or ask questions about their outfits that they have planned for a fun date night or out on the town. So check her website out at Lisamclatchie.com/, you can check out her Free Style Guide to get an idea of what she’s all about and I’m sure you will be impressed!


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    Sounds really interesting and practical! Might take a look just for fun, as you say 😉

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Introducing Adapt Carrier by Ergobaby-Newborn to Toddler
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