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Day 4 of our family vacation in Seattle and today I cannot find my makeup. Not a huge deal, in and of itself, but it totally shows you where I’m at right now. Ya know, like in life. We’re going on a little road trip today and we got the kids dressed and the car packed up, and once everyone was settled I realized my makeup is nowhere to be seen. So I’m currently rocking a “I’m sleepy and I know it” look right now (instead of that song “I’m sexy and I know it”) Ha! Anyway, it got me thinking.

Before I had kids, I would look at moms at the grocery store or out at the mall and sometimes (totally ignorantly) be shocked by how they tired they looked, or that they had stains on their clothes, or just had their hair barely held up with a clip and zero make up on. And I naively would think to myself “Daaaaaang, it can’t be THAT hard to just slap some makeup on before leaving the house, right?” WRONG! Oh how very, very wrong I was. Now, after two kids, I’ll look at fellow mamas wearing sweatpants with zero makeup on while their kids are dressed even better than they are, and I’m like “Yes! I’m right there with you Mama! We are surviving the interrupted sleep, and the tantrums and eating cold food that was once deliciously warm, and we are kicking ass while doing it!” Now high five my hand that just caught my baby’s spit up! No? Ok, that’s ok too! But seriously, before I had kids I would have been mortified to be seen without wearing makeup. Now? I’m like, both kids are dressed, fed, I’m somewhat clothed, onward and upward! Tally ho! (Alright maybe I don’t say “Tally ho”. I just googled it and learned that that’s a huntsman’s cry to the hounds when sighting a fox. Not really applicable here, but it sounded good so I’m leaving it).

It’s funny, because sometimes I’ll look at our family as a whole, and everyone usually looks pretty good, and then there’s me: the hot mess. Kids are dressed all cute. Yes there’s the occasional spit up on my baby, or food/mud stain on my toddler. Even if my husband throws some basketball shorts on, he still looks pretty put together. And then I come around the corner and am like “Hey! I found this shirt under the bed and it’s clean-ish, don’t look too hard at my pants that I used a baby wipe to clean off some toddler hand prints and some old food. No big deal! Slapped on some deodorant and I’m feeling pretty damn fresh!” I’m laughing while writing this. I mean, that’s not every day. But on the crazy days, it definitely is like that.

Last week I went to the mall with my kids, and somehow didn’t notice that I was wearing two different sandals until we were in the parking lot. I also forgot to put nursing pads in my bra, so when we were standing in line for a pretzel (sounds crazy, but if you dip a hot salty pretzel in some cream cheese, it is de-lish! I mean we’re talking about true gourmet eating here), and I had let down and gave the pretzel boy quite a show! In my light grey t-shirt. And ya know what? I still didn’t go home. So now, yours truly was wearing TWO different sandals, and sporting some large round wet spots on her shirt and I was still like “Must. Keep. Going. We WILL pick up those damn JcPenney pictures of my kids smiling together for once, and not each staring awkwardly off to the side like my pictures usually turn out. We can DO it!”

And to be perfectly honest with you all (what I always aim to do on my blog!) it was actually pretty funny. Yes, at the time I was not super thrilled that I was getting some weird looks and awkward stares at my milk shirt; and I’m sure by the time we reached our destination I had a crazed yet determined look in my eyes and smelled slightly like milk and cheese, but it’s life! And my life right now is all things mom related. So yeah, occasionally I’m rocking the “Mom of a Baby and Toddler” look. But there are also days where I am actually pretty put together. And at the end of the day, when I lay my head on my pillow at night: none of it really matters. It doesn’t matter if I was able to put on mascara or if I was barely able to brush my teeth that day. Yes, I think we should take time for ourselves and try to carve time out for just US. Some good quality “Me Time”. And I also feel that it’s ok to not always be put together. It’s ok to be wearing the same sports bra for three days in a row. I used to feel almost guilty when I was still wearing the same sweats for a few days with my first baby, but now I just laugh because to me it’s like, either feel guilty or just own it. So let’s own it! This time is so fleeting. Let’s just enjoy it any way that we can.

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Introducing Adapt Carrier by Ergobaby-Newborn to Toddler
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