Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Roll With It

Yesterday was a really great day. By some people’s standards it might have been called a stressful day, or maybe just an average day. But I’m chalking it up to a really great day. Why? Because unexpected things happen when you have a baby and a toddler. And sometimes you’ve really just gotta roll with it.

When my husband, kids & I all got dressed yesterday morning, somehow it slipped my mind to pack an extra change of clothes for my three month old son. Totally didn’t even occur to me; apparently I’m so used to having a potty trained toddler and am still adjusting back to baby-brain. So that was my first mistake. My second mistake was forgetting my OWN change of clothes. I usually have a few spares in the back of my van for spit ups, blow out diapers and sticky toddler hands, but those were all used up & in the wash. My third (and thankfully last) mistake was to pack fruit for my toddler. She loves fruit. Can’t get enough of it. But we were all so excited that it was such a beautiful day that we hurriedly left the house, talking and laughing and ready to just hit the road.

We got to Old Town Pasadena and had such a fun time looking in all the different stores and shops, just perusing for different items we might need for our house. In the end we didn’t end up getting anything. This trip made us realize we’re more Target & IKEA people than Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn people. And that’s ok! Haha. So we decided to get some lunch. And here’s where we had to roll with some stuff that went down.

One epic spit up session and one elbow landing on a beet salad later, had me and the baby coated. Completely covered. Honestly, pre-children I would have been horrified having to walk around with my clothes painted in spit up and food because I was too clumsy trying to hurriedly put on Little Einsteins for my daughter as she repeatedly shouted, in that typical toddler way, how “GOOD the bread is!!!” But now? I laughed, grabbed a ton of napkins and mopped us up as best as I could. Then when my toddler’s lunch was delivered and she deemed it “too hot” and asked for her fruit (I constantly have to remind myself that toddlers don’t have a lot of patience), I remembered the cut up grapes, strawberries & peeled oranges I had left chilling in our refrigerator at home. And though she wasn’t super thrilled by this, we all forgot about the fruit & too hot food when the baby decided he was over it and started crying. Loudly. That boy has a set of lungs, let me tell you.

If this all had happened when it was just me, my husband and when my daughter was a baby, I would have freaked. Out. So it must be that having my second child has forced me to roll with the unexpected more, as I know that I can’t control these things. With my first child, once she hit two months her naps were a lot harder, as she woke up SO easily & frequently. So my solution was to be in an environment where I could control all the factors for her nap. This meant I was at home for every nap, nursing her and letting her lay in my arms until she woke up. I was a first time mom & suffering from lack of sleep due to get waking up every 1-2 hours at night, so this was the best solution for me. Now, with my son I just don’t have the time to be home for all of his naps. And because we’ve both had to roll with the unexpected, he is now versatile enough to nap almost wherever he is (granted, in my experience I’ve found that babies nap MUCH easier than toddlers do) Whether he falls asleep in my arms while nursing & I place him in his crib, or if he falls asleep in his car seat while we drive somewhere, or if he falls asleep in the Ergo against my chest while we are out & about. Though we are still home every day for the longest nap at noon; as all three of us zonk out then (as described in more detail here.)

All in all, my husband and I had so much fun getting ideas for what we can do for our house and my toddler had a blast pointing out interesting things she saw, her favorite of course being Dots Cupcakes (Dots Cupcakes) located on 400 S Arroyo Pkwy, Pasadena, CA 91105. And although my baby son is only three months old, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume from his sweet gummy baby smiles that he enjoyed our day too. And while my husband and I strolled hand in hand with our toddler, & I caught a glance of myself in a shop’s window showing me that I was a hot mess with stained clothes, and looking more than a little silly as I lightly danced/bounced so my baby would fall asleep in the Ergo, I smiled to myself because we actually were all having a really fun time. And it’s good for us personally, as a family, to sometimes go outside our comfort zone and explore & go on little adventures. Unexpected events will definitely come up that we haven’t planned for, but sometimes it’s fun to just make some out of the ordinary type of memories. So just roll with it!

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Introducing Adapt Carrier by Ergobaby-Newborn to Toddler
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