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After having two babies, I can now look back and see some of the stuff I registered for I did not really need. And some baby items I received, I did not even think to register for! So for all you sweet preggo mamas out there (or for anyone wondering what a new mama really needs) here is a list of 16 items that I truly love using and just could not live without. I’ve included hyperlinks so you don’t have to click out of this post to get these items (I personally hate having to do that). Happy shopping!

1) Snuza 

My husband and I would stay up at night the first few days that we brought our daughter home, just to take turns making sure she was breathing. No one got a lot of sleep. Then a good friend from college told me about the Snuza and I haven’t looked back. The Snuza is a small device you clip onto your baby’s diaper and it registers heir movement at night. If they are too still, after 15 seconds an alarm will go off, alerting the parents to check on the baby. One of my close friends had the alarm go off and this helped her rouse her baby from a very deep sleep. Now, this should NOT be in replacement of parental care. Please read the instructions before using any new device with your baby.

2) Halo Swaddles

I like these because I just could not figure out how to swaddle my babies with a blanket. These are easy to use, just out your baby in one, zip them up and Velcro the two flaps and there you go! Swaddled. My babies loveeeee these.

3) Rock N Play

I seriously wish I had been aware of this item with my first baby. This is amazing. Now just I have two kids, I sometimes don’t have time to rock my baby back to sleep if my toddler needs me too, so once he’s asleep I’ll pop in here and it does the rocking for me. He loves it. Again, please read the instructions before using.

4) Bouncer 

I like having one of these around the house because it’s easy to move from room to room and baby can be in a reclined position to watch what’s going on around him/her. I use this one every day so I can get breakfast going, down some coffee etc.

5) Cloth Diapers

I personally use Pampers Swaddlers on my babies, but I like using cloth diapers for spit up or let down. They are super absorbent and soft. Big fan.

6) Hanes Sport Bras

I seriously tried what feels like EVERY nursing bra out there. And I’m just going to say it, I’m not a fan! I hated having to rush and fumble and unclip the clippy thing and then lower it and somehow not get breastmilk on it (which I did every time). Finally I just googled comfortable sports bra and found these and have been soooo happy with them. They’re comfortable, all you have to do is lift up the bottom and you’re all set. These are my every day bras and my nighttime bras.

7) Push Up Nursing Bra

Now, if you want to go on a date night or dress up for somewhere, I like this nursing bra. It pushes the girls up and isn’t super hard to use if you need to nurse. I have to admit that I do think every nursing mama needs at least one of these.

8) Arms Reach Cosleeper

I like this because it has a lowered side so that you can just reach in to grab your baby while still laying in bed. It also has adjustable
legs that you can add on to if you want to make it higher for your bed height.

9) In Bed Bassinet

I really like this in bed bassinet as it is long and has a light that you can easily click on if you want to see what baby’s doing at night. The sides are mesh and breathable and it can transport very easily. We actually put this inside of our Arms Reach Cosleeper until baby get bigger. As always, please practice safe sleep habits while using, remember back is best.

10) Summer Infant Baby Video Monitor

I really like this baby monitor for the price and it just works. The screen is big, I can hear and see if my baby needs me and it’s pretty easy to use.

11) Lanolin

If you have cracked nipples or raw nipples or anything regarding your nipples and breastfeeding, I’d highly suggest buying some lanolin. It works wonders and is safe for your baby if you breastfeed after applying it. Again, read directions or consult with a doctor prior to using, as everyone is unique.

12) Lansinoh Nursing Pads

I like these nursing lads from Lansinoh as they are discreet and soak up a ton of milk. Very easy to use, just peel the paper part off the back, pop it in and you’re all set.

13) Purple Desitin

In my opinion, the blue one is crappy (no pun intended). When my babies had/have diaper rash, I tried out the blue one but it wouldn’t really stick to their little bottoms; get the purple kind. It spreads easily and is thick and really protects them from more diaper rash.

14) Vitamin D Drops

Both my breastfed babies hated the vitamin d drops with the vial and would throw up or choke from using it, we heard out these one a day drops from a friend and are huge fans. It’s the same amount given, just a higher concentration as it is in a one drop form. Please consult your child’s pediatrician before using.

15) Car Seat Mirror

I like having one of these so I can just peep at my rear view mirror while driving and ensure baby is ok. I even used this for my toddler if she was too quiet or too rowdy, very handy.

16) Skip Hop Diaper Bag

When I first was trying to figure out how to juggle my purse and a diaper bag, I ended up always forgetting one and it was exhausting. I finally just combined all my stuff into my diaper bag using this one from. It actually looks like a purse and it’s super handy with all the zippered pockets.

17) Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets

These are the softest blankets, my babies love them and these are or go to blankets for doctor’s visits, stroller covers, wrapping up to be all nice and warm. You name it, we use it for that reason.

18) NursElet

Last, but certainly not least, the NursElet. I found this super handy breastfeeding product with my second baby and just love it. It’s pretty, it’s soft and it not only helps to remind you of which breast your baby last nursed on, it helps you lift your shirt up for easy breastfeeding access. I would highly suggest this to all breastfeeding mamas, young or old. Very handy and fashionable breastfeeding tool.

And these, my friends, are all of the items that I would highly suggest purchasing as soon as possible if you are about to have a baby, or if you know someone who is going to have a baby. Or maybe if someone doesn’t know “the essentials” of what to register for. I know I didn’t have a clue when I first started registering. Yes, my baby now loves his (mobile), but we didn’t need it right away. Anyway, hope this helps and happy registering and buying!

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  1. Written by Ashley · Reply

    100% agree with all of these items! I appreciate the tips about the vitamin D, nurselet, and the diaper bag as I had no clue! You’re awesome! Thank you!

    • Written by Nicole · Reply

      Thanks so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. Love the feedback!! 🙂

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Introducing Adapt Carrier by Ergobaby-Newborn to Toddler
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