Missing Those Baby Kicks

Last night I was laying in bed catching up on some emails when I felt a tiny movement in my stomach. Since I’ve been pregnant twice before, my first thought was “baby kick” and I immediately got a little sad because it was just gas! Sorry for the tmi, but it’s true. I blame the burger and fries I had for dinner. Anyway, have you ever felt that? You’ll just be laying on your couch or bed completely distracted and feel something that resembles a kick? I don’t feel it all the time, but when I do, so many emotions flood through me.

There is something so unique and special and sweet when you feel your baby kick inside of you. Granted, towards the end when there’s not a lot of room left they aren’t always as pleasant; but I sometimes really miss those little kicks and movements and rolls. I used to love laying on my side and counting kicks and talking to my baby inside my womb. I would picture what she or he would look like, how their personality would emerge, when they would decide to enter this world. Sometimes a loud noise or a quick movement would cause the baby to move or kick out, and I’d smile and rub my belly and talk to my baby.

It’s so funny how when I was pregnant with each of my children, it felt like time was just crawling by at a snail’s pace. And now I look back and I sometimes miss my big pregnant belly full of a kicking and moving baby. There’s something so special about feeling that “first kick”. Where you’re doing something else and out of nowhere you feel a movement. And you pause and become a as still as a statue, trying to see if that was the baby, gas or just your imagination. And when you feel that movement again, such joy and elation and love swarm up and it is such a beautiful & special moment. I used to love laying next to my husband and placing his hand over my stomach so we could feel our baby’s movements and kicks together.

After I had my first baby, it was sometimes hard for me to adjust to the fact that she was now born, as I was so used to thinking that she was still inside of my womb for those past nine months. And I would find myself sometimes absentmindedly rubbing my stomach like I used to when I was still pregnant. It took a bit for me to stop that habit. And don’t get me wrong, I am so beyond overjoyed that both my babies are here now and that I have a healthy toddler and baby who make me laugh (and like to test me, haha) every day. It’s just nice to sometimes look back at my pregnancies and remember what they were like.

So don’t mind me, just remembering the sweet times of being pregnant and sometimes wishing I had more gas so that I could remember what it was like to feel baby kicks! So silly and funny when I look at that sentence. But I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, maybe at some point you will. It’s just such a special and beautiful time, being pregnant. And so nice to remember. Alright, I’ll just go back to chasing my toddler, breastfeeding my baby and chugging my coffee (and sometimes wine) now. Happy Monday everyone!

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Introducing Adapt Carrier by Ergobaby-Newborn to Toddler
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