Making Giant Bubbles

Hey all! Quick post today, but a crafty one! Today we played with something very simple: two very thin wooden sticks, some cotton yarn, a fishing weight and some bubble solution. My mother-in-law got this for my toddler at a summer fair, but you can totally make this at home.

You would just need two very thin wooden sticks (think skewers), a small fishing weight or even a heavy bead, some cotton yarn and bubble solution. Tie the string to each of the sticks, then together (be sure one connection is double the length of the other). Hang the fishing weight or heavy bead in the middle of the longer string – and there you have it! Pour the bubble solution onto a large dinner plate and hold the sticks dipping the string triangle into the solution. Lift it up and let the wind take over. Have fun!

Here are some pictures of my toddler and husband playing with it. Looks like my husband had the most fun in these pictures, but I promise my toddler was entertained for hours!



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Introducing Adapt Carrier by Ergobaby-Newborn to Toddler
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