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Summer Ending and Beach House Swim Suits (8/30/2017) - I cannot believe that summer is coming to a close. My oldest starts preschool tomorrow, and I look back at our amazing summer with so many fond memories. Time truly does fly. Throughout the entire summer, my Beach House swim suits have been with me through it all. These suits are a polished, contemporary lifestyle Continue Reading
How We Night Weaned (8/8/2017) - A few weeks ago, my husband and I came to the realization that we have not slept through the entire night since before our oldest was born. This means that for the past 3.5 years, we have been waking up at the very LEAST one time per night. With my oldest child, right from birth, Continue Reading
Cute And Comfy Beach House Swimwear Suit For The Win (5/19/2017) - Summer is just around the corner! Bikinis are popping up in all the clothing stores that we go to. A few weeks ago I was glancing in my drawer of swimsuits and came to the dismal realization that my all of my suits are quite a few years old. I browsed a bit through some Continue Reading
Moments Like These (5/5/2017) - I don't know if I'm the only mom who does this, but sometimes there are moments when I am interacting with my children and I mentally take a snap shot. It's not something I'm doing consciously, its more like my brain is recognizing something that I will just remember for the rest of my life. Continue Reading
There Will Be Bad Days (4/24/2017) - My 3 year old daughter loves to pick up phrases from people or cartoons, and then repeat these phrases as much as humanly possible. Last week it was "piece of cake". Anything and everything was a "piece of cake". This morning we woke up to "Today is a bad day" and my goodness is she Continue Reading
A Letter To My Son On His First Birthday (3/27/2017) - It simultaneously feels like this past year flew by and crawled by. Last night, as we were all getting ready for bed, I excused myself and quietly stepped into the shower and proceeded to cry my eyes out. I wasn't fooling anyone though, within a minute I could hear your sister asking if I was Continue Reading
Dermalogica Love (1/18/2017) - Before I had children, I prided myself on how I took care of my skin. My night time regimen would drive my husband nuts because I had so many face washes and masks and lotions and cleanses etc. Mornings would be the same, and I remember thinking how it would all be worth it when Continue Reading
When It’s Just Too Hard To Mom (1/10/2017) - In my 3+ years of being a mother to my two children, despite sleepless nights, teething, nightmares, colds and viruses, I have always been able to rally and still (try to) put my best foot forward as a mom. That is until this weekend, when I got the flu and everything fell apart really fast. Continue Reading
Adult Christmas (12/24/2016) - A friend and I were talking about how Christmas time is so very different now that we are adults. She told me about how work is as stressful as ever, and the amount of work just to go on a vacation almost isn't worth the vacation. And I told her about how hard it is Continue Reading
The Second Baby’s Firsts (12/17/2016) - When my daughter was born, I wanted to witness, document, record and photograph all of her firsts. I had a notepad that I would jot dates and information down whenever I wasn't near her baby book, and I loved buying all the "baby's first" stickers or onesies for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter etc. As an only Continue Reading
Dinosaur & Volcano Birthday Party! (12/6/2016) - This past Saturday we threw a Dinosaur and Volcano 3rd birthday party for my daughter. We really took into account what she wanted "Sophia the 1st party?": "No!". "Little Einsteins Party?": "Maybe." Hmn... and then inspiration struck as she belted out a dinosaur and volcano song out at the top of her lungs. "How about a Continue Reading
Holiday Gift Guide (11/29/2016) - I am super excited to share my Holiday Gift Guide! These are my top choices for holiday gifts this year for baby, toddler, mom and dad! I have just been loving all these awesome and unique discoveries that I have been finding lately and am so thrilled to share! *Mom:  1) Soapybliss: makes sweet smelling Continue Reading
6 Tips To Surviving Family Holidays (11/17/2016) - A few friends and I were recently talking about how hard the holidays can be when you have small children because so many things are different from their normal routine. Naps can be thrown off. Maybe your toddler doesn't want to eat the gigantic Thanksgiving spread & solely wants the peanut butter bread that you Continue Reading
Stronger Than You Think (11/12/2016) - I haven't been able to blog as much as I have wanted to lately. This is in part because now that the holidays are here things have just seemed to have zoomed by and the days are flying and the weeks are passing and everything feels like it is happening so quickly. But then there Continue Reading
When You Feel Like You’re Falling Apart (11/4/2016) - November always reminds me of things that I should be (and am) thankful for. Sometimes, when you are in the thick of a sleepless night stretch, or when your toddler randomly decides that "it's morning mama, I need to play" instead of taking her normal daily afternoon nap (thus waking the baby up and everyone Continue Reading
LuLaRoe Shout Out (11/2/2016) - Recently I was able to connect with an awesome mama through my blog's Facebook page, after my post about what clothes moms wear! Because I mean let's be real, sometimes it is soooo hard to find comfy clothes that are still cute! After trying out some amazing LulaRoe clothes she sent me, I was hooked! Continue Reading
I’m Going To Miss This (10/28/2016) - I'm going to miss the curl of your tiny chubby fist clutching my shirt as you breastfeed to sleep. I will miss how that sweet little fist slowly relaxes into an open hand resting gently on my chest. I'm going to miss the way you sigh contentedly while sleep-nursing, and the way your sweet eyelids Continue Reading
5 Tips For A Successful Family Photo Shoot (10/25/2016) - We recently had a Mommy and Me photo shoot (just me, my baby and my toddler, eek!) but it actually went really well! I asked our wonderful photographer, Kay, for some tips on how to have a successful photo shoot and here is what she shared: 1. What are the best colors/styles to wear for Continue Reading
Custom Gift Baskets From B.Sweet (10/21/2016) - I always love looking at fun awesome baby products for babies, toddlers, children, mamas, and families in general. Which is why I am SO excited to share with you today about's amazing gift baskets! When I was pregnant with my son, I was always soooo worried about how I would introduce our new baby Continue Reading
Beautiful Personalized Baby Blankets by Audreys Bear (10/19/2016) - I saw an adorable personalized baby blanket while scrolling through Instagram one day and clicked on the picture showing an adorable baby resting on it. So many cute pictures of adorable babies swaddled in these super cute blankets, and each blanket is soooo adorable. I just love the various colors and prints and how each Continue Reading
Please Grant Me Patience (10/17/2016) - I am not perfect. I am just human; something that I have to constantly remind myself of. Sometimes I forget though, and will tearfully admit to one of my friends that I snapped at my toddler or got frustrated with my baby because he slept amazing one night and then wanted nothing to do with Continue Reading
12 Real Talk Thoughts While Breastfeeding (10/13/2016) - Here are some "real talk" thoughts that I'm pretty sure almost all breastfeeding mamas have had while nursing their baby: 1) Ok he's been breastfeeding for like, easily over 10 minutes now. That's gotta have burned at least a few hundred calories. That's it. Mama's getting a cheeseburger for lunch. Gotta keep up that breastmilk... Continue Reading
Jord Wood Watch Review And Giveaway Contest (10/11/2016) - Yesterday we woke up and my husband started making a pot roast while I brewed us some coffee. There was just something so nice about having a pot roast simmer for hours until it is the perfect consistency. Every time we came back inside the house it was so nice to be greeted by such Continue Reading
Why I’m Loving My Effortless Style Kit (10/8/2016) - Before I had children, I prided myself on my clothes, shoes, purses and accessories. I would have a friend date maybe once or twice a month and we would eat sushi and go shopping and I loved every minute of it. Times have definitely changed now that I stay home with my two little ones, Continue Reading
Community Over Competition (10/7/2016) - Yesterday was just one of those days where you laugh because you're doing everything in your power to just get stuff done, but life has other things in mind. Just in the morning: I poured milk in my coffee mug and almost gave my toddler coffee in her soppy cup (I caught myself right before Continue Reading
KidloLand App Review and Giveaway (10/4/2016) - My almost 3 year old absolutely loves learning. She constantly wants to know what things are, how they work, what their names are, she loves reading and coloring and singing, it's just so sweet to watch her grow. Sometimes when I'm trying to make dinner, I've found that having her use the KidloLand app has Continue Reading
10 Signs You’re Living That Momlife (10/3/2016) - Notice how I'm not in the picture? That's because this is reason #11 for living that momlife. You go on a family vacation & are the only one taking pictures, and only realize at the end of the vacation that it looks like you weren't even there because you have all of 3 pictures with Continue Reading
Beyond Adorable DelphineMarieBows (9/30/2016) - My daughter loves all things girly and she loves playing in the dirt. She will sometimes insist on wearing a dress, a bow in her hair and one of my bracelets, and I feel like I look away for two seconds and she's into something: mud, dog dish full of water which she's splashing in, Continue Reading
The Happy Little Things (9/28/2016) - I have always kept a journal, even when I was really little and would start each entry with "Dear Diary" and proceed to write about whatever boy I had a crush on, or some big secret I just had to jot down. Anyway, I was flipping through an old journal the other day, and landed Continue Reading
Because Life Is Full Of Hills And Valleys (9/26/2016) - I can honestly say that nothing could have prepared me for just how intense sleepless nights with a baby could be. I've always been a big fan of sleep (who isn't, right?) But now that I've had two babies who have gone through sleep regressions and teething and growth spurts and general "I don't feel Continue Reading
Multifunctional Nursing Cover From Jasemet (9/23/2016) - As some of you may know from my pro breastfeeding in public post (here), that I generally do not use a nursing cover. I tried a few times with my daughter but the cover I was using was awkward and we both got frustrated with it. I usually breastfeed in public with my son too, Continue Reading
Let’s Build Each Other Up (9/20/2016) - I have always heard about the terrible two's. And now lately I've also been hearing about the terrible three's. And even the fearsome four's. I had no idea what any of these actually were until my daughter turned two. It's so funny too, once you see a melt down from your own child, your empathy Continue Reading
14 Fun Fall Family Festivities (9/18/2016) - Say that blog title five times fast! Haha. Ok so yay! Fall is right around the corner. My favorite season is summer, but I also really love fall. The leaves turning that beautiful caramel, orange and red color. Just love it! And pumpkin spice everything? I truly think it's such a fun time of year. Continue Reading
8 Reasons Why I’m Not Suzy Homemaker (9/15/2016) - Before I had kids, I always pictured my life as something straight out of the 1950s, but with a modernized twist. I pictured getting off of work and being home with my kids before my husband got home, and I would proudly present him with a hot beautifully made dinner adorning our dining room table Continue Reading
Jessica Doll For The Win! (9/13/2016) - You know that "I can't laugh right now" kind of laugh that happens when you're in a serious work meeting, or in the middle of church, or (for yours truly) when your teething baby has finally fallen asleep on you? It starts out as a slight chuckle, and the harder you try to keep it Continue Reading
Breaking All The Mama Rules (9/11/2016) - I've come to realize that my parenting style is mainly just going with my gut. I did so much research with my first baby about anything and everything. When to introduce solids, when to stop holding them for a nap, when to start potty training, when to do tummy time. It was exhausting. It just seems Continue Reading
I Promise I Know What I’m Doing (9/10/2016) - Well let's just jump right into it, let's talk about when random strangers (or I guess anyone for that matter) give you unsolicited parenting advice. This just happened yesterday: I was out running errands with my kids and I was feeling particularly daring and adventurous after conquering both Target and Kohls without a single melt Continue Reading
Why You Need A Soother Sidekick (9/9/2016) - I cannot tell you how many times my son's pacifier has fallen from his mouth and gotten lost in his car seat, or tumbled from his mouth and fallen onto the floor; just... so yucky.  And when it does fall to the floor I then have to go running to the nearest sink because we Continue Reading
1st Day Of Preschool (9/6/2016) - Today was my daughter's first day of preschool. I have simultaneously dreaded and been excited for this moment. The way that I work, is if I am worried about something or dreading something, I tend to dwell on it and then try to work out all the angles and scenarios. I'll imagine various possible outcomes Continue Reading
This Parenthood Thing (9/5/2016) - I'm a mom, so I'm obviously a bit biased, but I just want to give a HUGE shout out to all the fellow hard working, sleep deprived, multitasking moms out there. You are ALL rock stars. Whether you're a working mama or a stay at home mama, you are doing a truly fabulous job at Continue Reading
We Are LOVING These Bibs From The Avenue (9/4/2016) - I never used bibs when my daughter was a baby because I was always there with a cloth diaper to readily wipe up the slightest amount of drool (which just goes to show you how I only had one child at the time, haha). With my son, I am now running after my very busy Continue Reading
5 Things NOT To Say to A C-Section Mama (9/2/2016) - I had a c-section with my first baby due to her frank breech positioning almost 3 years ago. I love my daughter who I had through a C-section birth just as much as I love my son who I had through a vbac; but it still surprises me when I hear odd comments about c-section births. Continue Reading
Bittersweet Heart Break (9/1/2016) - Do you ever look at your children (especially when they're so sweet and peaceful as they sleep) and feel like your heart is breaking just a teeny tiny bit? It's a bittersweet kind of heartbreak, where you are happy your child is growing up happy and healthy, but you're a little sad that time is Continue Reading
Mom Clothes (8/31/2016) - Does anyone else look at your closet and wonder where other moms shop? Before I had children, the majority of my closet was just work clothes. Then I got pregnant with my daughter and I absolutely loved maternity clothes. My favorite maternity clothes came from Motherhood Maternity, and I still have some of their clothes Continue Reading
George & Georgette Shoes (8/30/2016) - My husband and I have been thinking about something special that we could get our toddler (almost preschooler, cannot believe she's turned 3 soon) something special for when she starts her first day of preschool. We were thinking a new shirt but food stains usually get the better of us at meal times, then we Continue Reading
SAHM Guilt (8/29/2016) - For those of you that follow me on Instagram (Stressedandblessedmama), you might have seen that I ended up in the Emergency Room this weekend. I'm fine now! Totally fine. Here's what happened though; my son turned 5 months old this past Saturday and I have these sweet monthly stickers to put on his onesie each month Continue Reading
Picky Eater? Try Milton! (8/28/2016) - My daughter is 2 years and 8 months old. She started becoming a picky eater when she turned two. It was like she knew the whole stigma of the "terrible twos" and thought it'd be fun if she just lived up to the hype. We've gone through phases where all she wants is fruit and Continue Reading
When You Get Unsolicited Parenting Advice (8/26/2016) - A friend of mine reached out to me recently, asking my opinion on receiving unsolicited advice when it comes to parenting. I must say that with my second baby, I haven't gotten a lot of unsolicited advice; this is either because people think that I know what I'm doing now that I'm on my second, Continue Reading
There Are Just Some Days (8/25/2016) - There are just some days where the things that happen throughout the day are almost laughable. There are days when I struggle the moment I get out of bed. Where my very first action of the day is a struggle because I slip on part of the sheet that has fallen off the bed and Continue Reading
8 Tips For Bringing Home New Baby To Big Sibling(s) (8/24/2016) - When I was pregnant with my son, I was sooo nervous for how my daughter would react to him. Would she ask me to take him back to the hospital? Would she be jealous and act out? Would she be excited and want to hold him? (She ended up being SO enamored with him, and Continue Reading
Even If You Cross Your T’s And Dot Your I’s (8/24/2016) - Yesterday I thought I had all of my ducks in a row. My baby napped pretty well in the morning. My toddler kinda picked at her breakfast but that was ok because I was banking on her eating a big lunch. I had fruit cut up for lunch and I was all set. Or so Continue Reading
Missing Those Baby Kicks (8/22/2016) - Last night I was laying in bed catching up on some emails when I felt a tiny movement in my stomach. Since I've been pregnant twice before, my first thought was "baby kick" and I immediately got a little sad because it was just gas! Sorry for the tmi, but it's true. I blame the Continue Reading
To The Two Old Women Glaring At My Toddler (8/20/2016) - We decided to go out for lunch today. Not a small feat for us, as we have to pack up like we're moving to a different state. So we packed everything up and made the trek to our local Red Robin restaurant. We chose this location because it is family friendly and they serve their Continue Reading
Register. Buy. Survive. (8/19/2016) - After having two babies, I can now look back and see some of the stuff I registered for I did not really need. And some baby items I received, I did not even think to register for! So for all you sweet preggo mamas out there (or for anyone wondering what a new mama really Continue Reading
6 Worries About Having Another Baby (8/18/2016) - When I first had my daughter, the last thing on my mind was when to start trying for another baby. I couldn't imagine sharing my attention with someone else, and my own experience as an only child made me worry if I could handle more than one child. I felt guilty for the thoughts that Continue Reading
Middle Of The Night Shenanigans (8/17/2016) - Apparently my fight or flight instinct finally kicked in last night, as I found myself jumping up and out of the covers and landing on my knees in some sort of weird gymnastics/ninja attempt to survey my surroundings. It took me a solid minute to realize what woke me up, and I lowered my karate Continue Reading
The Great Preschool Debate (8/16/2016) - I have so many mixed feelings on when the "best" time to send my daughter to preschool will be. She'll be 3 in just a few months, and she loves learning and going to Mommy and Me classes; but I also see when she looks around the room for me to make sure I'm still Continue Reading
How Having Kids Made Me Stop Being A People Pleaser (8/15/2016) - I got my nails done this weekend. Quite the little treat of 60 minutes without a toddler wanting to sit on my lap and play with my hair while I attempt to use the restroom, without a baby wanting to cluster feed through another growth spurt, without my husband showing me some funny video on Continue Reading
When You Have A Baby AND A Toddler (8/14/2016) - My husband and I wanted to have our second child fairly close to our first so that they could grow up together and play and be friends. Might be an ambitious goal as I know siblings fight, but that was the idea behind our thinking. So when my daughter was 19 months old, I got Continue Reading
Acting Like A Kid Again (8/14/2016) - My family and I have been at the beach for the past few days, and I have been shocked by how much I've been laughing lately. Maybe it's because we are at a destination that I've gone to with my family every year since I was a 1 year old and it's bringing back fun Continue Reading
7 Things I Did Not Anticipate With My Toddler At The Beach (8/12/2016) - Last year my toddler hated sand. Would not allow a speck of it on her. Literally would scream if we tried setting her onto it. Our beach towel was like a safe fortress for her; kind of like when I was younger and pretended magazines on the floor kept me safe from the lava (floor). Continue Reading
My C-Section Experience (8/11/2016) - (Warning: this is a slightly detailed description of my daughter's birth which was a c-section. In describing this, I am only recounting my daughter's birth story. It is not to scare anyone or make anyone doubt themselves. If it wasn't for my c-section I would not have been able to have my daughter due to Continue Reading
When I Want To Pause Time (8/10/2016) - Last night we were going about our regular night time routine. Bath for our toddler, read them books, nurse baby to sleep, lay with toddler until she falls asleep. And as she lay there with her hand gently resting on my neck, I realized something. That this was her new going to sleep habit, the Continue Reading
Toddler Talk (8/9/2016) - Yesterday the kiddos and I went to Target for two things, and of course left with an entire cart. Always happens. Anyway, my toddler is doing two new things lately: the first is that she's a parrot and will randomly repeat phrases back to me and my husband that we've told her; and the second Continue Reading
Strong As A Parent (8/8/2016) - Last night I woke up to the worst throbbing headache. Throbbing might not be the best word for it. Stabbing? Yes, let's go with that one. It was awful. It hurt to blink. And just as I was debating whether it was worth getting out of bed to take some Advil or just fall back Continue Reading
Marriage Is Like A Garden (8/7/2016) - Children change a marriage; that's just the natural course of life. My husband and I met at a fairly young age. He was 19 and I was 20, and we met on the swim team at our college. I remember I was in the worst mood, because I did not want to go to our Continue Reading
You WILL Sleep Again (8/6/2016) - For the past 4-5 weeks, my 4 month old son has been waking up every 1-2 hours to breastfeed back to sleep. It was brutal. But I knew in the back of my head that it wouldn't last forever; as my first baby had also gone through sleep regressions and she's been sleeping through the Continue Reading
What NOT To Do Or Say To A Pregnant Woman (8/5/2016) - I've been on a lists tangent lately. I don't know, sometimes I get going on them & I just get on a roll until the next blog post inspiration strikes. Anyway, one lovely lady inspired me to write about things that should not be done or said to a pregnant woman. And after both of Continue Reading
Why I’d Love To Be A Toddler (8/4/2016) - There are so many times where I'll look at my toddler and think "You have it SO good kid!" Today for instance, it was nap time and I told her as such. Granted, she was playing with some pretty sweet flying unicorns and princess figurines, but it was already late for a nap and she Continue Reading
10 Things I Didn’t Know About Postpartum (8/3/2016) - I'm a reader. And a researcher. Whether it was when I was pregnant, or what giving birth would be like, or things my children are doing, I like to know as much information as possible. When I was pregnant with both of my children, I probably researched a new topic every single day; and this Continue Reading
Making Giant Bubbles (8/2/2016) - Hey all! Quick post today, but a crafty one! Today we played with something very simple: two very thin wooden sticks, some cotton yarn, a fishing weight and some bubble solution. My mother-in-law got this for my toddler at a summer fair, but you can totally make this at home. You would just need two very Continue Reading
That Mom Look Though (8/1/2016) - Day 4 of our family vacation in Seattle and today I cannot find my makeup. Not a huge deal, in and of itself, but it totally shows you where I'm at right now. Ya know, like in life. We're going on a little road trip today and we got the kids dressed and the car Continue Reading
Because Each Child Is Unique (7/31/2016) - We had a bunch of our friends over to my in laws' house last night for dinner, and it was so much fun seeing everyone. Some friends we hadn't seen in over 1.5 years! At one point I was catching up with some friends, and I was talking about how my husband and I are Continue Reading
When You’re Looking Through Your Children’s Eyes (7/30/2016) - As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we are in Seattle on a little vacation, staying with my in laws. And so far we are all having such a blast. There is just something so special and heart warming about watching your child's reaction when they first see something new, or fun or exciting. It honestly Continue Reading
Babies On A Plane (7/29/2016) - Today we're flying up to stay with my in laws for a few days in Seattle! We're all super excited. The only thing I'm not excited for is the 2.5 hour airplane ride. And it's not because I'm afraid of flying. I mean, I don't exactly relish going on a plane in general, because I Continue Reading
When People Get Weird With Babies & Toddlers (7/28/2016) - My family and I were at church this past Sunday, and we were all asked to say good morning to the people around us. We did, and then I noticed a woman making a very fast beeline for us. And that was my first clue that some weird stuff was about to go down. She Continue Reading
Because Sometimes You Get Pantsed (7/27/2016) - Alright, I know I said for my next post I'd write about when people get weird with babies and toddlers. Well, I guess children in general. But I have to share this with all of you first. Especially for all you mamas out there who just KNOW that eventually, at some point, you'll be embarrassing Continue Reading
Why I Personally Choose To Breastfeed In Public (7/25/2016) - For many people, uncovered public breastfeeding is still considered "taboo". I've debated whether or not I wanted to address this, as I'm sure I'll hear some less than positive opinions. But ya know what? I feel very strongly about it. And everyone is welcome to their own opinion; I understand that. What I don't understand, Continue Reading
Going To Visit A New Baby? Read This First (7/24/2016) - It's been almost four months since I had my son. And a little over 2 and a half years since I had my daughter. And in both of these experiences, I have found some "rules" I'd like to share for when someone is visiting a new baby. Just some observations that I (personally) have made that Continue Reading
Shave Your Chewbacca Legs (7/23/2016) - This morning I woke up and felt like my head was just...foggy? I guess that would be the best word to describe it. I just felt zoned out. And as I was about to start my morning routine of brushing my toddler's hair, then her teeth, getting her dressed, changing my baby's diaper, getting him Continue Reading
The Sleep Deprivation Struggle (7/22/2016) - Sooooo my son is approaching his 4 month sleep regression. I was hoping he'd skip this, as my daughter went through it too; and I was naively hoping it'd be like "hey you already had a YEAR of bad sleep with your first kid, now you've lucked out and have a great sleeper for your Continue Reading
DIY Fabric Coasters (7/22/2016) - I had some of my very close friends from college over today and they helped me craft! Which was nice because I've been wanting to make this for a long time but needed more hands on deck. We made DIY fabric coasters and even my toddler got involved. All you need is some fabric, tiles Continue Reading
A Letter To My Daughter Before My Son Was Born (7/20/2016) - I want to share this letter that I wrote my daughter a few weeks before my son was born. I was simultaneously ecstatic and terrified. For numerous reasons. I was so excited to meet my sweet baby son and to see my children's relationship shape and blossom. And yet I was so terrified what that Continue Reading
That Mom Life (7/19/2016) - The other day I had my toddler use the potty, as she had just chugged her entire cup of water. Normal. Routine. Right? Well, it was, until I then turned to my husband and said "Ok, do you need to go potty? Because you drank a lot of water too." Yup. I said that. We Continue Reading
Making “Kinda” Homemade Ice Cream (7/18/2016) - Having a baby and a toddler gives a whole new meaning to "Sunday Funday". Mimosas & late brunches have been replaced with gallons of coffee & 6am wake up calls from two tiny humans. Well, come to think of it, mimosa brunches were always on Saturdays, as Sundays we've always gone to church, but that's Continue Reading
Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Roll With It (7/18/2016) - Yesterday was a really great day. By some people's standards it might have been called a stressful day, or maybe just an average day. But I'm chalking it up to a really great day. Why? Because unexpected things happen when you have a baby and a toddler. And sometimes you've really just gotta roll with Continue Reading
May Your Smiles Outweigh Your Sighs (7/17/2016) - No one likes to feel like they are alone. It's one of the main reasons why I started this blog, so that I could share my parenting experiences with other parents, and to hear about theirs in return. It's good to talk, vent, ask questions, hell, even brag! It's good talk so that we don't Continue Reading
Making Fun Childhood Memories (7/14/2016) - I have a head cold. Well, really just a sore throat. But still. It sucks because it's summer. In southern California . Which means it's 90 degrees. And all I want to do when I'm sick is snuggle up in sweat pants wearing no makeup, under a large comforter and just watch movies on the Continue Reading
Gotta Love the NursElet (7/13/2016) - I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one day (Check me out! I'm on there as Stressedandblessedmama) and saw these  stylish & pretty cloth bracelets. The username: getnurselet, intrigued me and so did their product. The description of "Secure your falling shirt during breastfeeding/pumping; becomes reminder bracelet." got me super excited. Why? Because I am Continue Reading
Mom Guilt (7/12/2016) - Today I was driving to Target (moms' paradise, am I right?) and my baby started crying. And I knew he was fed, as I had just nursed him. And I knew that he had a clean diaper as I had just changed him before we left. He just HATES his car seat. He cannot stand Continue Reading
NICU Warriors (7/11/2016) - I gave birth to my son via VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) on Easter Sunday. It is tied with my daughter's birth for the happiest day of my life. I was SO proud of myself that I was able to have a VBAC. And once the nurses placed my son in my arms, all I Continue Reading
To All The Nap Judgers Out There (7/7/2016) - Naps are both a blessing and a curse. If you succeed in getting your child to nap you will be rewarded with a happy and rested child, AND you get 2-3 hours of glorious uninterrupted "me time". Those precious minutes tick by as you choose whether you want to join in on the snooze fest, Continue Reading
My Heart Is Outside Of My Body (7/7/2016) - They say that your heart grows more with each baby you have. I didn't see how that was possible. As an only child myself, I was both elated and slightly terrified when I became pregnant with my son. There were so many times I would look at my daughter and just cry because I knew Continue Reading
Apparently I’m an 80 Year Old Woman (7/6/2016) - I'm only 30, but lately I've come to the realization that I am actually more like an 80 year old lady. Why, you ask? Well here are 10 reasons just off the top of my head: 1) I am in my pajamas by 8pm. Every night. Without exception. Look, having two kids under the age Continue Reading
Whoever Hashtags “Too Blessed To Be Stressed” Is Either A Masochist Or A Liar (6/29/2016) - Who is REALLY AND TRULY too blessed to be stressed? Because I think that's a load of horse crap. I'm sorry. I'm calling it out. Just because you are blessed does NOT mean you can't get stressed. I feel like society has almost set us up for failure. There's this idea of "Smile and be Continue Reading
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