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I am super excited to share my Holiday Gift Guide! These are my top choices for holiday gifts this year for baby, toddler, mom and dad! I have just been loving all these awesome and unique discoveries that I have been finding lately and am so thrilled to share!


1) Soapybliss: makes sweet smelling paraben free, SLS free, and handcrafted bathtub candy and cupcake bombs, scrubs, body butters, lotion pops and truffle buffers. When I first saw these beauties I was convinced that they were actually cupcakes and candy. When I received mine in the mail I was amazed by how gorgeous these were and by how amazing they smelled!



2) ShopWrenn: makes absolutely gorgeous jewelry! I was sent a stunning rose gold Mommy necklace with the dates that both of my children were born and every time I wear this necklace I get a tad bit choked up. The entire shop has so many beautiful rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. I love that you can personalize the jewelry and I think any mama (aunt, or grandmother too) would just love one of these gorgeous Identity Established Collection necklaces.



3) BootayBag: I love treating myself to something new and different that I normally would not get for myself. After having both of my children, I noticed that I really needed to update my undies collection and this service is the perfect way to do it. For $12 a month you get two beautiful undies in the mail and can personalize what size you like and what style. I am so in love with this service and really appreciate the ease of having pretty and stylish new undies mailed instead of having to go out shopping with two small kiddos in tow.



4) Evergreen Crochet Co: this shop based out of the Pacific Northwest is absolutely adorable. All the items are crocheted and the shop owner is really great if you’re requesting a personalized matching pom beanie, scarves, lovies, head band, head wrap, blanket or newborn outfit. I am just in love with all of her work. 



1) Little Cosmetics: my almost 3 year old daughter absolutely loved this pretend, mess free makeup! She is totally in that stage right now where all she wants to do is watch me do adult things and then do the same (whether this is drinking milk out of a coffee mug or putting makeup on), and so I was just beyond thrilled when we received our adorable mess free makeup kit. It looks and feels like real makeup but it doesn’t transfer to skin, and my daughter is so in love with it.


2) Lovely Sprouts: is an amazingly adorable store that gives back! A portion of ALL proceeds goes directly to organizations and charities (like charity Water) to help provide resources and attention to the plight of disadvantaged children around the world. My daughter absolutely ADORES her chicken backpack from Lovely Sprouts and proudly wears this to the park. I love that it is roomy and was able to pack a blanket, a water bottle in the side water bottle pouch, snacks, toys, a jacket, diapers and wipes and still had room for more! My daughter has named her chicken backpack “Boo Boo Chicken” after Donald Duck’s pet chicken. She’s beyond smitten with it.


3)  Snap&Shop: provides a hassle free flexible arm snack tray that secures to shopping cart handles which allows kiddos to feed themselves snacks while you shop! I love this because I cannot tell you how many times my daughter has tried eating an entire bag of Goldfish while we shop, and this allows me to measure out how much she eats and gives me the convenience of not having her spill a bag as it has two snack compartments for your child’s favorite snacks. There is a snap on lid to prevent spilling in your bag and it is easy to use and oh so handy! Win win in my book.


4) Sequinsandstars: this British Children’s Clothing line in the U.S. is absolutely adorable. I love their cute and sassy shirts and they are so soft! Our favorite shirt (that is so applicable for my almost threenager) is this grey “Wild Child” shirt. My daughter loves it and we love the rest of their line as well. From the “Young, Loud + Fearless” shirt, to the simply and oh so relatable toddler “No” shirt, we are just in love with this cute shop.



1) Waddleandfriends: makes the most adorable baby rattle socks! These sensory rattle attachments form the perfect marriage between design and functionality that allows infants to learn and grow from sound and touch. They come in an adorable assortment of different styles and colors (baby boy, baby girl, holiday or neutral) and my baby son is always so thrilled when he has a pair of these rattle socks on. He will kick and move his legs and feet and giggle whenever they rattle, and I must say that he looks quite adorable with them on.


2) IncrediBundles: makes adorable and awesome bundles! They have diaper bundles, learn & grow bundles, book bundles, bath bundles, sleep bundles, organic bundles, Sesame Street Bundles, Daddy Bundles, and a Create a Bundle option. We absolutely love our Book Bundle because my baby son absolutely adores the sweet stuffed bear that came with it, and both my son and my daughter love when we read to them from their My Very First Mother Goose book and a baby teething rattle. We have started a tradition now where we read a few pages every night before bed and we all look forward to it. IncrediBundles would be such a thoughtful gift for the holiday season; even the re-usable box everything comes in is super cute!


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3) Lovely Sprouts: we love this small shop so much that we just HAD to mention it twice. With my daughter, I always wanted to document her weeks and months with those adorable milestone blocks but never got around to getting them. With my son, I was so overjoyed to receive these lovely milestone blocks and have just loved capturing his growth with these next to him. It has been so sweet to watch him play with them too and have our daughter join in on the phone and stack them for our baby son. They are so well made and sweet and any baby would love to be photographed next to these.



4) MadeByMolly: this adorable Etsy shop is easily one of my absolute favorites out there. She makes the sweetest matching leggings and pom hats, adorable moccasins and bows. She sells out so quickly that she gives her shop fans plenty of warning on her shop’s Instagram account (here) when items will be available as they sell out THAT quickly. I am a huge fan and I just love my son and daughter’s synchronized leggings, they crack me up when they wear them together.



1 ) Iconoclast Dadbag: I fell in love with this company when I saw their company slogan: “Because Childcare Isn’t Just A Woman’s Job”. Swoon. And a huge Amen! Their mission is to empower men when it comes to childcare and they do this by providing a very attractive, masculine, stylish, versatile and functional dad bag. It is perfect and my husband loves it because it isn’t a feminine purse that he carries along when he’s out with our baby and almost 3 year old, it’s a modern grey backpack that he will continue to use even beyond our diapering years. It can also fit a laptop or an iPad and comes with a custom changing pad.



2) The Christmas Star: is an adorable book by Christina Roach, is about siblings learning to share with each other for Christmas. This book really hit home for my family as my daughter and son are just now learning the ins and outs of sharing. Whether this is my oldest not wanting to share with the baby, or whether the baby decides to yank a toy out of his big sister’s hand (not knowing what he is doing) it is all a learning experience, and this book really brings that to light. My daughter loved this book and was enthralled with reading about the older sister learning to share for Christmas, and my son loved all of the pretty colored pictures. This was definitely a hit and will be a Christmas tradition for many years to come. You can also purchase this book by searching ISBN #: 978-0–9982115-03 or by author name “Christina Roach”.


I hope you all love these super cute, unique and awesome shops and companies as much as I do; happy shopping!

(I received these items for free in exchange for honest reviews; all opinions are my own).

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Introducing Adapt Carrier by Ergobaby-Newborn to Toddler
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