Even If You Cross Your T’s And Dot Your I’s

Yesterday I thought I had all of my ducks in a row. My baby napped pretty well in the morning. My toddler kinda picked at her breakfast but that was ok because I was banking on her eating a big lunch. I had fruit cut up for lunch and I was all set. Or so I thought. So we went out to to run some errands and it all kinda went downhill from there.

It started off with an epic spit up/drool fest where my baby and I both got soaked. And as a second time mom I should really know how to be more prepared. Which I’m pretty sure I’ve said before. But ya know, life happens. Anyway, so I looked in the back of my van for my trusty change of clothes and alas, yet again I forgot to restock my back up clothes. So the little man wore his big sister’s green stretchy pants (rolled 3 times to fit) and I rocked a zip up sweatshirt in the almost 90 degree heat. Winning! And then I forgot my toddler’s sippy cup of water at home so while I was driving and drinking water she then wanted some, cue the repeated asking for water and me explaining I forgot etc. I finally pulled over and helped her drink out of my bottle, which was fine except she got excited and dumped the entire thing on herself. Oh well. At least it’s summer right?

Nope. Changes of clothes were demanded. Baby boy was already wearing her pants (why I have pants as a back up during the summer is beyond me. Note to self to bring shorts). So we went home. I tried preparing lunch but my baby wanted to nurse and go to sleep, and my toddler got scared watching a few minutes of Alice in Wonderland (that caterpillar scene where he yells at Alice to eat the mushroom really got to her, poor thing). And so up the stairs I went, holding my toddler’s hand telling her the caterpillar wouldn’t get her, while balancing my baby on one hip and trying to chew a huge bite of the sandwich I made at the same time. I’m sure we looked hilarious.

Anyway, onto the nap routine. Baby would wake up right when my toddler would fall asleep. Cue the wake up fall asleep routine for each of them over the course of an hour. I finally gave up and tried moving on with our day. And we kept experiencing small obstacles like that. They aren’t huge at all, but they stack up and soon it’s like “I just want something to go right! Or at least smoothly!” Thankfully we had some out of town friends come over so that provided a nice break and distraction. And extra hands to help out. Yay!

Later we all went out to dinner and I was banking that my baby would sleep in the car ride there. He didn’t. And so I spent most of the dinner walking, rocking and nursing a fussy baby. The car ride home was a real treat. I really need to invest in some quality ear plugs. Then I was almost positive he would have fallen asleep on the car ride home but he didn’t. Turns out he’s cutting his first tooth! Eek! At 4 months old!! (Let’s just say that breastfeeding will now be a HUGE trust factor on his behalf with that incoming chomper, haha. Needless to say he was up all night. Thank you new tooth.

And yes, I woke up today exhausted and feeling almost hung over even though I had half a glass of wine last night. But you know what? None of that was in my control. Not the bad lunch, the bad nap, the skipped nap, the new tooth making him fuss all night long, the water spill melt down, the crazy spit up mess. None of it. And so my instinct usually is to get stressed out (hence the name of my blog and Instagram handle; you can follow me here); but instead I just made myself keep moving forward. Parenting can’t always be planned out. You can cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s and STILL unexpected things will come up and you have to just go with them. So I just wanted to share that, as I know that I personally can be too hard on myself if things don’t go to plan. I just want to say, that this is life. It’s messy. And complicated. And can sometimes be hard. And all we can do is keep on trying and keep on moving. And drink coffee. That is key, my friends. Keep on keeping on. As always, you’ve tots got this Mama!

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Introducing Adapt Carrier by Ergobaby-Newborn to Toddler
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