8 Reasons Why I’m Not Suzy Homemaker

Before I had kids, I always pictured my life as something straight out of the 1950s, but with a modernized twist. I pictured getting off of work and being home with my kids before my husband got home, and I would proudly present him with a hot beautifully made dinner adorning our dining room table every night. We would have family dinners together and all eat the same thing. And we would all talk about our day and share stories and laughs. Granted, my baby is only 5 months old, and he can’t talk yet. And my almost 3 year old girl does talk, and quite a bit actually, but she definitely talks when she wants to and mainly what she wants to talk about. This usually consists of asking us to find her a pink lizard, talking about a bear and a dinosaur or something that’s just randomly on her mind. So maybe my dream of my “perfect family time” is still a ways off. Or maybe reality is just so different from the movies? Here’s 8 reasons why I can outright acknowledge that I’m just not Susie Homemaker, and in my book that’s totally ok.

1) Sometimes our laundry is going to pile up and we will be wearing clothes that don’t match solely because they are ones that are clean. I think we have 3 hampers and four laundry baskets, between the FOUR of us. By the time the weekend rolls around those puppies are all busting at the seams; because of spit up, toddler messes, and just life in general. 

2) Our meals are all over the place. My toddler eats her own food, as she is a toddler, and meal time is interesting to say the least. Sometimes my husband goes on his own healthy eating regime so that means I’m left to my own devices for meals. Sometimes this means that my breakfast is oatmeal, sometimes it’s a soggy breakfast bar that my toddler tried, discarded and I picked back up because: mom life. On other days though, I have a nice dinner prepared with an appetizer, a full meal and even dessert. Granted, those meals are quite few and far between, but sometimes they’re there.

3) Sometimes I choose to take my kids to the park instead of vacuuming, sweeping or dusting. Why? Because this time is fleeting! Because I personally don’t look around at my house and get stressed out by some dog hair floating around. Instead, I’ll get stressed out if I feel like the kids need some stimulation but I’ve been keeping them cooped up inside. On the weekends, it’s so much easier if my husband and I can take turns and go through our own piles of mail, or vacuum or take the kids on a walk, or just clean up the house together; definitely faster with two people.

4) There are literally days that I am totally fine just re-wearing the same yoga pants for 3 days straight. I have found that baby wipes are excellent spot removers for them too. And if it’s cold out, if I’m sleep deprived, and I just want to be super comfy, you will find me wearing yoga pants or sweat pants, maybe sporting some sweet thick socks, and a giant super soft shirt. This isn’t all the time, but sometimes I truly just want to be as comfortable as possible to tackle the day.

5) I occasionally will leave dirty dishes in the sink. And by occasionally I mean more frequently than actually having an empty sink. There. I said it. Oh it’s so freeing and exhilarating to admit! Ok, I’m just a modern human mom! This doesn’t mean that I’m popping bonbons into my mouth while watching a soap opera and debating what color to paint my nails. This just means that I’m running around all day long after my toddler. I’m wiping up teething baby drool that has somehow made a nice puddle on the floor for me to later slip in. I am washing fruit and slapping together peanut butter sandwiches all while eating my own sandwich and singing about trains. Sometimes we have dirty dishes in the sink and that is ok!

6) If I’m going to be entertaining people, everyone is getting some form of delivery. Pizza, Chinese food, sandwiches anyone? I’m totally down with it. Currently, I just don’t have time to whip up a beautiful meal for guests. If I did, everyone would be eating Kraft macaroni and cheese with a side of cut grapes anyway. It is what it is people. I’m still happy to entertain, but just know that you’ll probably step on some doll shoes or maybe a teething rattle. You’ve all been warned.

7) Speaking of entertaining, if you are willlingly walking into my house knowing full well that I have a baby and a toddler? You will probably end up either holding the baby or reading a book to the toddler. Look, I don’t make the rules. I mean, I guess I do, actually. I am an adult now, huh? Regardless. Just know that sometimes I have to do stuff. I might have to take out the trash while another adult is present. I might have to pour soap in the dish washer and actually hit the start button. I’m sorry I can’t treat everyone like “guests”. In my book if you’re in my house that means we’re close enough for me to hand you my baby and then sprint to the bathroom to finally use it.

8) By the end of the day, I am the epitome of a hot mess express. Why? Because after a day of rocking a baby fighting his nap, soothing a crying toddler after a melt down or fall, and just trying to get everything done that I set out to do, most of my makeup has worn off, I’ve pulled my hair up into a bun to get out of my face and I’m just pretty stoked about bed. Sweatpants, mama’s coming for you!

Even in writing this list, I actually don’t even mind. I know I’ve said this before, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, sometimes I feel guilty that we don’t have any clean spoons or because I used to bake fresh homemade banana bread every weekend (this was before we had kids), but I know this time is flying. I know that I’ll look back and be so glad that we spent our days running around at the park instead of dusting bookshelves. I know that I’ll look at pictures of my kids and how small they are and one day wish for that time again. Just a glimpse. So for now, it is what it is. And I’m more than ok with that.

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  1. Written by Lara · Reply

    It’s like you’re describing my day! Thank you for spelling out why it’s not just OK but perhaps BETTER that we neglect the housework and all the other pre-kid chores in order to be fully present for our children. I believe in this so much but still sometimes get caught up in the messy-house-unproductive-days guilt. Your honest post reminded me of what’s really important!

    • Written by Nicole · Reply

      Awww I’m so glad you can relate!!! Lol total mom life! Haha 🙂

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