10 Signs You’re Living That Momlife

Notice how I’m not in the picture? That’s because this is reason #11 for living that momlife. You go on a family vacation & are the only one taking pictures, and only realize at the end of the vacation that it looks like you weren’t even there because you have all of 3 pictures with you in them, and this only because you asked your waiter to get a family shot, and please take three in case we blink.

1. Whether you are going to the grocery store or on a vacation, you pack like you’re moving across the country. Snacks? Packed. Juice and water? Packed. Diapers, wipes, change of clothes, toys, books, pacifier, hand sanitizer? Everything is packed and ready to go. You never know what you’ll need so you just bring it all. You’re more prepared than a Girl Scout and you’re proud of that.

2. You don’t blink an eye at being absolutely covered head to toe in your child’s mess. And by mess I mean sticky hands, blow out diaper, runny nose, spit up, cough, sneeze, spilled juice, mud, anything and everything. You’re so used to it that you even encourage your child “Ok then just wipe your hands on me!” Wipes are your friends here.

3. Your meals are chopped into segments that consist of coaxing your child to eat, trying to eat your own meal, and then eating whatever your child hasn’t eaten. Yes, we’re not garbage disposals but we’re also constantly on our feet. So if my toddler leaves a few dinosaur chicken nuggets and strawberries out? You will find me running after her and eating these bad boys because I’ll probably forget to make myself a snack while making my child’s. It just is what it is.

4. It becomes second nature to sniff the air like you’re a wild animal trying to pick up a scent, and then wonder out loud which of your children has pooped. Granted, this is no longer the case with my oldest child as she’s been potty trained for almost half a year now, but I definitely still do this with my baby. Or it we’re on a group play date, you can for sure bet that if there’s a poop scent in the air, all the moms will be sniffing around to see who did it.

5. You find it perfectly normal to grab a tissue or a baby wipe and wipe your kid’s nose or your friends’ kids’ noses. Whew that’s kinda a tongue twister. But it’s true! If we’re at a Mommy and Me class and I see one of my friend’s kids running around with a runny nose. I grab the closest thing resembling a tissue near me and wipe their nose before our teacher sees and calls us out for bringing a sick kid. Because come on, they’re kids. They’re all either just getting over a cold, teething or starting a new one.

6. Going to the restroom and taking a shower is no longer your alone time. You either have a baby on your lap, a toddler trying to break into the bathroom because you’ve obviously stranded them and they’ve taken the utmost offense at this, or you’ve discovered that you can wash both you and your child if everyone’s all in the shower at one. We’re taking multitasking to a whole new level people.

7. Sleep is a distant and oh so beautiful memory. You look forward to taking your bra off, getting into your comfiest pajamas and just sinking into your bed with the covers pulled up to your chin. In a few hours you’ll hear “Mommy!” or your baby crying and you wake up ready for anything thrown at you. Nightmares, breastfeeding (or bottle feeding) taking temperatures, shooing away monsters or bathroom trips, you’ve got it covered.

8. You simultaneously look forward and dread social events. It’s always fun going out of your house so that you can break up the day, help your kiddos burn off some energy, and talk with your friends. But at the same time, you have no idea what the day will throw at you. Maybe your toddler will decide that it is the perfect time to throw an epic tantrum at her friend’s birthday party. Maybe your baby will refuse to nap even though he always naps at that time and instead of socializing and talking with friends, you’re somewhere in a quiet corner rocking, bouncing and swaying your baby in his carrier, shooting daggers at anyone who comes your way.

9. You feel utter sympathy if your friend mentions that her child has skipped their nap. You know that feeling of pure exhaustion and dread when your child has decided they will not nap, and so ensues a day filled with little melt downs, tiny battles and lots of exhausted events all around. You know what its like, and your heart goes out to them. It’s rough. It’s not fun. And you know that means there goes your friend 2 hours of free time.

10. Your phone is absolutely loaded with kid shows and apps. Because who wants to eat dinner at a restaurant while their child is having a melt down? Not me! Haha. But seriously, it’s not like I plug my kids into cartoons or let them have my phone for hours. But if I can turn on some Daniel Tiger or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or have my daughter flip through her awesome educational new KidloLand app (you can find more information on that through their website here) so we can have a half hour for a nice dinner, heck yeah I’m going to go through all my tricks to accomplish this.

* GIVEAWAY: Stay tuned for tomorrow’s review on the KidloLand app where I am also giving away FIVE 3 month subscriptions on Facebook. Children under 5 can learn ABCs, animals, fruits, vegetables, shapes and more with the help of 550+ interactive nursery rhymes, songs, stories and educational activities.

Disclaimer: I was given this app to review free of cost, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Written by Jessica · Reply

    Ha! I am truly living the mom life. I can relate with all of these. Glad to know I’m not alone. Cute Blog

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Introducing Adapt Carrier by Ergobaby-Newborn to Toddler
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